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It is our goal to seek for passion and the best quality for our brand.
We will stand on top of the world as the best brand in korea.
SUGAPOINT has been the top beloved snowboard wear brand due to original, innovative and different-by-design.
Our brand name“Sugapoint” means that brown spots appeared at the surface of a banana when it is at the sweetest.
That is, the meaning of our brand name has something to do with our company’s motto to give the biggest value to
our customers and to make them satisfied superlatively.
This motto reflects our willingness to become an overwhelming snowboard wear brand in global market.
Now we export our goods globally and have a plan to expand our market share gradually.
Sugapoint snowboard wear has its own characters which show excellent functionality, attractive design and a uniqueness.
If you are with us, you can get these features.
Over the last few years, it has been already proved by a lot of snowboarders being conscious about the fashion and the trends.
They always give us inspiration for technical features and we push ourselves to make the best quality.
But we do not want to be just a snowboard wear product.
As you are proud of yourself as a rider, we wish that you feel a pride with us.
The reason is that your riding should be your own style. This is a significant value that we seek for.
We always support cultural events like snowboard, extreme sports, hip-hop and so on.
As these cultural events are very passionate, so are we.
So we have established unique our own fields and are going to support them in succession.
We will always thank you and all the Sugapoint lovers all around the world for the support and interest.
If you are new to Sugapoint, then welcome to the family. Pride in it!